Answered prayer, bold stroke of fate
for love’s tender arms I wait
in disrepair I wait.
Chess 9/1/14

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Fibromyalgia Documentary Sneak Peek – Living in agony, my story

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As I seek to free my mind and body from the hell that is Fibromyalgia, I often stumble across people who ‘claim’ to know of treatments. Some sit around stones, some pray to God, some say eating habits, some say they have ways. I have tried them all. I am yet to find relief. There is no calendar date with Fibro, we are not told “You have a year to live” Many of us want to hear that. I know that sounds awful but when you burn in pain 24/7 what else are we to think? I speak to hundreds of other Fibro sufferers, I am part of many groups where we talk about things that help. For me Music helps a little, I sit with my headphones on and allow the Music to change my mind. The Central Nervous System then sends out different signals. But it is a…

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Buoyant little butterfly
spreads her silken wings
flinging joy where ‘er she lights.

Chess 7/22/14

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Pain and dark descending
muddling of mind and heart
delirium mixed with rum.

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Gentle tumbling rain
misty swirls of smoke
scent of damp earth being nourished.

Chess 7/14/14

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Sunday Quotes


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I am taking a few vacation days and I will be back on Sunday :)

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