You beat me, raped me, broke my sons
took all that once was mine
and now you come, seduce with lies
fierce crush all hope with fear.
Chess 9/19/14

(For those who still believe)

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An open letter to Scotland – Yes for Scotland


Hundreds of Years in Coming, YES for SCOTLAND

Originally posted on Ace News Desk 2014 :



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Usher Hall Edinburgh over the weekend If anyone…


YES for Scotland

Originally posted on Ace News Desk 2014 :


Usher Hall, Edinburgh over the weekend. If anyone is in ANY doubt, this is a yes vote. The people of Scotland, the working class have had enough of the lies and criminal activity of Westminster. We have said Yes. To see this in my City is Amazing. Come Friday morning and beyond I think there will be MANY MORE Parties like this – We are Winning Scotland!

Other know it also...

Other know it also…

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Anoint me with your kisses darlin’
clothe me in caress
whisper of your need for me
and rock my soul to sleep.
Chess 9/13/14

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It’s my blog birthday, we are 1 year old today :-) Thank you to all my followers and to all of you who have taken the time to comment and give me feedback. This journey has been an amazing and enlightening process and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for walking this path with me.

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Answered prayer, bold stroke of fate
for love’s tender arms I wait
in disrepair I wait.
Chess 9/1/14

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Fibromyalgia Documentary Sneak Peek – Living in agony, my story

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As I seek to free my mind and body from the hell that is Fibromyalgia, I often stumble across people who ‘claim’ to know of treatments. Some sit around stones, some pray to God, some say eating habits, some say they have ways. I have tried them all. I am yet to find relief. There is no calendar date with Fibro, we are not told “You have a year to live” Many of us want to hear that. I know that sounds awful but when you burn in pain 24/7 what else are we to think? I speak to hundreds of other Fibro sufferers, I am part of many groups where we talk about things that help. For me Music helps a little, I sit with my headphones on and allow the Music to change my mind. The Central Nervous System then sends out different signals. But it is a…

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