Weathered bone and blood

once knew toil and grace

body gone, yet will remains.

Chess 9/30/13

* I am currently in a rehabilitation facility recovering from a major surgery. There are some beautiful old souls here who have honored me by sharing their stories of loss, suffering, mercy, triumph, and love. I am very grateful to be wrapped in the gifts of their wisdom and grace. 

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Halloween Haiku

Spooky little you
costume all askew
I’ll feign fright when you say BOO!!!
Chess 10/31/13

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Listen well little girl, 

don’t squander kind heart,

on he who breaks promise,

gives your moon to another.

 When the world sets to try him,

you’re obscured from his thoughts,

feigned words lose all meaning,

trust tainted and torn.

Veil of tears will not move him,

nor petition of fact,

he’ll plead that he’s sorry,

yet do it again.

He’ll run to the other,

and leave you to weep,

wake up little girl,

he ain’t worth a damn.

Chess 10/28/15

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Love’s castle hewn of  dream and sweat, 

emerald glade, long seasoned woods,

here earth gods rise up to nurture soul.

Chess 10/7/15

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National Domestic Violence Awareness Month


Hard fist slams gentle face in reeling, burning pain

with blackened jaw and broken heart she flees

hides soul and flesh from no love man.

Chess 10/11/13

If you are the victim of domestic violence or know some who is, please contact the

National Domestic Violence Hotline at  1−800−799−7233 or 1-800-787-3224 (TTY) or at:


You can also email me if you wish to speak with a survivor.

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A wise poet taught me,

Of whence I had come,

that heart of a Celt woman, 

stands precious and pure, 

for she loves like no other,

fierce, faithful, devoted,

and likened to none.

She descends from the goddess,

mixt of moonbeams and light, 

ancient power so holy, 

lost wisdom and truth.

Take heed to be worthy,

for the goddess knows sorrow,

as deeply as joy,

if you reeve of her flame, 

the goddess weeps blood.

Chess 9/27/15

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In a soft, silken moonbeam,

he beckons her “Come”,

yet she wakens in wonder,

to a grim, empty room,

no good can it do her,

to love but a ghost.

Chess 9/13/15

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Thank You

Thank you to all my readers for your love and support through thick and thin!!! It’s been a challenge to build this blog between my health issues and book writing. I am so very grateful that you’ve Continue reading

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Cold, dark and lonely is your lair in the deep,

But here little mermaid, my hearth waits for thee,

let your fears wash away in the crush of the wave,

let my love warm your soul, take my shelter and peace,

hear my gentle song mermaid, my heart calls you home.

Chess 9/5/15

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Stunning sunset photography from Wayne at:
Check out Wayne’s blog for more beautiful nature and wildlife photography.

Welcome to Tofino Photography


20150903-SUNSET PANO

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