Meet me in the sweet new grass,

take my hand and soothe me,

lay me down on soft wild flower,

then speak your heart in tender voice,

and I will unveil mine.

Chess 6/20/15

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A Little Update

Hi, and welcome to my blog. It’s been inactive for a very long time because I was busy with a few health issues and caught up in finishing my first full-length novel of teen lit. I’ll be doing a little blog housekeeping and research for my next book and then I’ll be back. Thanks for sticking by me :)

Chess 6/20/15

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Hi all, I will be taking a hiatus until after the New Year to improve my health. I look forward to catching up on my reading then. I wish you all a Happy Holiday and a prosperous New Year 🎄

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Nature and Wildlife Photography

These stunning pictures were taken by Wayne of Tofino Photography in Tofino, British Columbia.
Please check out his blog at:

This is Minnie, she and Wayne have been friends for a long time and she is very comfortable letting Wayne snap her picture.


This is Daredevil, Wayne regularly follows him in his daily meanderings.


Surfing dog.


The Lady Washington and the Hawaiian Chieftain.


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My friend Wayne, who does the most amazing photography of wildlife and nature, named this beautiful American eagle for me to lift my spirits. And he plugged my blog! Please check out Wayne’s beautiful photos at:

Originally posted on Welcome to Tofino Photography:

20141202-IMG_2026I’ve named this female eagle after a new found friend. Her name is “Chess” & is a writer.
Chess is a romantic writer. Check out her site

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Bathrobe woman, hair undone
swirls in seas of smoke
red shot eyes and broken will
waits for grave to come.

Chess 9/28/13

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